Can a Person Face Federal Charges for Possession?

criminal chargesSeveral states have already legalized possession of Marijuana. However, it is permitted for medical purposes exclusively. Therefore, confusion can be noticed with the use and possession of Marijuana quite naturally. The federal role is not very clear in several situations. Do you have to deal with a Federal Case with small amount of Marijuana in the hand? In order to give reply to this question, the Nashville drug lawyer may say you yes. Possession of Marijuana always leads to the Federal Case. Explanation for these cases cannot be given easily.

In spite of law passed within the state, Marijuana can be considered as an illegal substance always. Therefore, possession of the substances may not be tolerated ever. It is regarded as a federal offence. State law may not play a role technically in such situation. If a case is filed in the court then state law cannot be used as a defense. Congress bill is underway at the moment regarding drug possession. However, the bill has been revolving around committee for more than a year. Protection from the law cannot be obtained ever with drug.

So, how can you defend yourself with the case of drug possession? Nashville drug lawyer must be appointed in the process. Prosecution law of the state is important during this time. In case, you have been suspected as a drug dealer then huge amount of consequences can be faced. Transportation of marijuana along the state line is never permitted. Therefore, possession of marijuana is tricky affair without any doubt. By appointing an excellent drug lawyer, you may able to get result in your favor.

Factors that affect punishment

In case, you have been arrested with Marijuana then outcome of the case may be depended on the things below.

Federal and state jurisdiction

State law is given prime importance in case you have been arrested by the state official.  In case of Federal official, you can be charged with the cases of drug possession. Minimum one year of punishment can be noticed with the cases of drug mostly. These cases are treated similar to criminal cases and illegal arm possession. If you are accused of selling drug then further violent punishment can be noticed. For the first offense, financial fine of $1000 can be noticed mostly. Federal penalties are harsher than state penalty according to the Nashville drug lawyer. Marijuana related crime can be prosecuted according to Federal law also.


In states like Washington D.C, Alaska, Colorado and Oregon, possession of tiny amount of marijuana is considered completely legal. However, similar thing cannot be noticed in Nashville. Therefore, you can be penalized and punished with drug possession in Nashville.


Due to minor violation, you may earn a traffic ticket. Small fine can be noticed at the time. However, it is seen only if the offender does not have a criminal record in the past.

How much?

Based on quantity of drug possession, penalty and punishment is depended. However, Nashville drug lawyer can help you during this time only.